Thanks to Nellie for inviting! While Nellie always said how much she learnt from my makeup workshop, I said she also inspired me & the Seasoning community with her balance of her career, her pursue of faith, of beauty and her role as a respectful mama(now 2nd bb).
A blessed encounter at Seasoning!!


Inspirations for wedding/bridal – Turning an unexpected venue into your dream theme or a theme that meant something to you couple.
The whole "LOBBY" of The Peninsula (first ever) was magically transformed into a Parisian museum & mansion. Contrasted with contemporary band of music & with rows of transparent Philip Starck chairs.


The loooong table was romantically filled with different shades of white flowers (yes white in different shades and shapes!), every dish of food was like an art piece (and yummy of coz!). Impressed by Piaget's thoughtfulness!