11.11.11 wedding. I enjoyed SOOO much that morning help enhancing the bride’s glowing beauty through my brushes. After finishing the work, the bride’s sweet smiles through the mirror reflection melted my heart!
So happy for my ex-colleague, whom i met at PricewaterhouseCoopers 14 yrs ago, married to such a sweet lady.
14 yrs ago, we were both innocent accounting trainees. Now he’s a partner of pwc. And I, togehter with my team, work with our full passion in Seasoning, for his bride 😉

I lead my beloved team on a bridal styling work which was booked 18 months ago.  Jo and May of our Sprout Team, helped on the make-up styling for the 4 bridesmaids, bride’s mom and sister.

Another 2nd team was lead by Joanne, senior stylist of our Sprout Team, working for another wedding.
Very very blessed to work with such a devoted and professional team! You made your mentor, me proud!!