My tears flooded and heart squeezed, even after I viewed the photos of the bride Felicia again and again. Not only I, but also my lil Jaime is so proud of Papa capturing the love and beautiful memories for the wedding of Felicia. Jaime will know Papa did a meaningful mission, while he was missing Papa the whole day over Papa’s pillow.!/pages/AnAnt-Capture/117940328267394

“Felicia is one of the most beautiful brides I’ve ever photo-shot. She truly understands what’s the most important in a wedding. She was very relaxed and enjoyed every moments with her family and love ones. She let herself indulged in the sea of love, joy and emotions on the day!”  quote from my hubby Rico, who’s also the official wedding photographer ( of the bride Felicia.

Hope his quote will somehow be helpful to you, specially the brides-to-be!

Specially impressed by Felicia, a bride with wisdom and joyful heart. Thanks to May of my Sprout Team, for enhancing her glow through the make-up brushes and most importantly relaxing her down, as Felicia had been stroked by flu for few weeks before wedding day.  On the day, Felicia kicked out the anxiety and was just blooming! Thanks to May for spreading the bridal beauty philosophy of Seasoning.  Proud of my team!

I customized a face and hair design to bring out the carefree, joyful and fun character of Felicia.  Thanks to May of my Sprout Team for the lovely execution based on the design, with all her passion!