A Lovely Thank You Post Card received from our bride Brenda, who experienced our second bridal service line “Seasoning Sprout”.   This is reassuring of my mission for my Seasoning Sprout Team.   Faith connected me to these wonderful people.  My first apprentice approached me 5 years ago.  I then screen to teach 2 every year.  Now, a total of 10 apprentices.

Captivated by Brenda’s charismatic smiles and easy-going personality and her love of playful modern design, I created a face design to match.  Joanne, our senior stylist of Sprout Team executed the looks beautifully on her based on my face design.  Most importantly, she was also able to calm Brenda’s worries of a little accident of her facial before the day… Thanks to Joanne for spreading the Seasoning bridal beauty philosophy!