It happened that I’m on long holiday break and preparing for a new stage of my life.

Some bridal job assignments have been carried out by my second team.  Thinking that I was very stubborn that I didn’t plan to take any apprentice when I started my own studio 6 years ago, after having experienced frustration during training make-up stylists for cosmetic brands for several years.  An encounter changed me.

Among receiving several enquiries on requesting I accept them as apprentices in my studio, there is a lady who showed great passion in this industry.  She seemed to be specially understand my passion and my mission with Seasoning.  After thorough thoughts, I started to get to know her since 2006 and trained her as my first apprentice….and now she’s the Senior Stylist of my second team.   She made me rethink.  Since then, I accept 3 apprentices to a maximum each year to join the mentorship program of Seasoning, in order to pass all my skills and my bridal beauty philosophy and my passion in this industry to the right persons.  Time flies, there are 9 apprentices now.

Having received many feedback notes and emails from the brides who’ve experienced our second team, I am reassured with this decision 4 years ago.

Juliana’s wedding.  The senior stylist of my second Team executed the make-up and hair on Juliana wonderfully.  Most happy to hear that this stylist said that she feels that the bride is glowing beautiful because the bride was made totally relaxed and truly enjoy the celebration.  Now, I know that I have passed on to the people with great talent, who are spreading the seeds of my passion and my beauty philosophy in this industry.

I was specially attracted by Juliana’s warm-hearted personality and her simple elegant Vera Wang’s gown, I created a face design to reflect her temperament.  I customized hair design for Juliana with diamond tiara, which Juliana has been a specialist in the jewelry industry.  She marched in with her fluffy hair, with a touch of real sparkle yet subtle & sophisticated.  The stylist of our second team has executed the looks on her on the day wonderfully!!

Lovely stage like a Jazz Club and music band that  reflected the couple’s story/theme.