Skagen – a beautiful little fishing town that has pretty little shops and lovely restaurants. Here you can enjoy fresh fish and Danish delights right in the harbour. Typically most people eat at home so you don’t see many people in the restaurants in other towns, but Skagen has become quite a little hipster place for the city folk from Copenhagen, so here you will find more of an atmosphere in the village.

I recommend below foods which I personally loved the most:

• A 5 scoop ice cream with goof goof – a kind of fresh marshmallow
• The cakes. Danish people love cake. In my opinion what they call cake is really more bread covered in cinnamon and sugar, but who cares what it’s called it’s good and yet another reason my baggy jeans are now tight .

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If you are in search for your piece of Hygee, this area in Denmark is a perfect place to visit. It’s a far cry from the streets of Copenhagen or any other city but it’s unique ability to slow your pace is unmatched. You will leave with salt in your hair, a warmth in your soul and roundness in your belly.