This is typically how Danish families spend their summer vacations. Eating, drinking, sleeping repeat. My husband spent his childhood summers right here in this little summer house set amongst the sand dunes by the North Sea and he always dreamed of bringing his own family here one day. Now that day is a reality

If you visit this area the essential things you must try in my opinion would be as below. Yes most are food items…..lets be honest, that is most important.

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• Hearing – pickled fish

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• Fisk frikadeller – a fish cake

• Rundstykker – bread rolls with loads of grains and nuts which you mostly eat with cheese. There are about 100 different types, which explains my rapid weight gain in just 3 weeks. After all, its rude not to try, right?


• Beach hoping – there are so many quiet and quaint village towns dotted all along the coast each having some thing slightly unique about them. You could rent a car or for the more adventurous ride a bike and see them all. Almost all have a little hotdog stand and an ice cream hut so you can reward yourself in each place with a delicious Icy treat.