The word Hygge (pronounced ‘hooga’) in Danish basically translates to “cosiness”. It may be hard to say, but that hasn’t stopped people from finding out that hygge might be a recipe for a happier life………… . It has now become a famous word all over the globe as people search for their own meaning or representation.


For me it’s that feeling that chicken soup or congee gives you when you feel sick. The joy and happiness of something familiar that essentially makes you feel so good your insides feel warm and cozy and breathing deep breaths become your natural rhythm. A place, food, atmosphere or feeling that for some reason causes your body and mind to naturally slow down in order to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

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Our summer in Denmark is all about Hygge. No fancy hotels or spas just Hygee, life’s simple pleasures.

• Bike riding – this is the best way to travel. The roads are mainly flat so bike riding is a breeze here. It’s also such a wonderful way to soak up the beautiful country side. We mainly packed up our bikes with coffee, breads and cakes and set out for days of adventure and food.

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