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Delicacy @ Denmark

This is typically how Danish families spend their summer vacations. Eating, drinking, sleeping repeat. My husband spent his childhood summers right here in this little summer house set amongst the sand dunes by the North Sea and he always dreamed of bringing his own family here one day. Now that day is a reality If you visit this area the essential things you must try in my opinion would be as below. Yes most are food items…..lets be honest, that is most important. • Hearing – pickled fish • Fisk frikadeller – a fish cake • Rundstykker – bread rolls with loads of grains and nuts which you mostly eat with cheese. There are ...
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Country Life @Denmark

The word Hygge (pronounced ‘hooga’) in Danish basically translates to “cosiness”. It may be hard to say, but that hasn’t stopped people from finding out that hygge might be a recipe for a happier life………… . It has now become a famous word all over the globe as people search for their own meaning or representation. For me it’s that feeling that chicken soup or congee gives you when you feel sick. The joy and happiness of something familiar that essentially makes you feel so good your insides feel warm and cozy and breathing deep breaths become your natural rhythm. A place, food, atmosphere or feeling that for some reason...
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Scenery @Denmark

The area we spent most of our time in Denmark was Bratten Beach or Skagen. Our days were mostly spent on the beach, exploring the sand dunes, riding bikes, drinking coffee or beer, and eating endless amounts of cake, bread and cheese, pickled fish, and enjoying the cool summer nights beside the camp fire with a glass of wine.       A day well spent with my family, enjoying natural view and simply happiness.
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Relaxation @ Denmark

Skagen – a beautiful little fishing town that has pretty little shops and lovely restaurants. Here you can enjoy fresh fish and Danish delights right in the harbour. Typically most people eat at home so you don’t see many people in the restaurants in other towns, but Skagen has become quite a little hipster place for the city folk from Copenhagen, so here you will find more of an atmosphere in the village. I recommend below foods which I personally loved the most: • A 5 scoop ice cream with goof goof – a kind of fresh marshmallow • The cakes. Danish people love cake. In my opinion what they call cake is really more bread cov...
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