I was so busy for my final year project in RMIT Fine Art Bachelor program lately. Finally, all works for this year have been done, and i’ll be more active here from now on: )

Here, I want to share my art project, which is about ‘Body’ & ‘Object’. Below is the photo of me with my works setting up for the final assesement.

I’m always interested in the relationship between object and human. In this research project, I try to combine the elements of different objects of pop culture with human body parts or organs in my paintings, to create a conversation between ‘human’ and ‘objects’, which I want to reflect the impartible relationship between them and lead the audience to introspect the value and meaning of consuming products and culture in our daily life.

Kidney  2012  Watercolor on paper  20cm x 29cm

Coke  2012  Watercolor on paper  20cm x 29cm

Heart  2012  Watercolor on paper  20cm x 29cm

High Heel  2012  Watercolor on paper  20cm x 29cm

Ear  2012  Watercolor on paper  20cm x 29cm

Stomach  2012  Watercolor on paper  20cm x 29cm