Yohji Yamamoto – 山本耀司

Hair Team: Eugene Souleiman

最近忙於為我們的@Marco Chan.pro #髮型工作坊 作巡迴教學, 很多人問我, 創作靈感如何構建? 而 #巴黎時裝週 #髮型工作坊 課程到底是什麼?

Team Eugene Souleiman x Yohji Yamamoto

Team Eugene Souleiman, Paris😉"與國際大師團隊合作 – 山本耀司によるブランド"@Marco Chan #bts #YohjiYamamoto @Marcochan.pro Session Hairstylist & Creative Partnershipelle blog #ep.63: https://guest.elle.com.hk/marcochan

Marcochan Pro 發佈於 2018年5月31日


早前我在’巴黎時裝周’ 與 ‘國際髮型大師 Eugene Souleiman’ 為許多品牌的後台創作, 一些概念, 作品, 創意水平, 團隊合作, 正好解讀我們的全新 – “創意及靈感啟發課程”!!

髮型靈感來自: “Azzedine Alaïa, he was a master sculptor of fashion, certain looks sported white patches or dangling silicon pigs to break the elegance.”

Take the hair and makeup at Yohji Yamamoto. Hairstylist Eugene Souleiman said in keeping with how the brand’s fashion collection referenced Azzedine Alaïa and Pablo Picasso, the hairstyle for the show did, too.

“We’ve tried to do something that has the feeling, the graphic-ness of cubism and its abstraction with the kind of sensuality and strength of a woman.

“The hair is asymmetric. There’s a round shape to it and a very soft square shape and the head is very flat. Then there are really soft ends. So it’s something that is really quite graphic, yet also has a romance to it. Is the textures that morph!”


國際彩妝大師 Pat McGrath created the makeup look for the show, which involved a white rectangle with black accents overlaying models’ left eyes and black markings drawn near their right ones.

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