Creative Director & International Session Hairstylist Marco Chan has brought the "Gothic Edge Collection" ALIVE!! 
"The Fly Girl" kicking off this season's tornado and landed on!! 

The Fly Girl Mismatched proportions and eccentric colour layering together with an ‘anything goes’ attitude creates an overtly feminine, quirky edge style. 

fly girl5 fly girl fly girl3 fly girl fly girl fly girl4

Marco has created looks that inspire the hairdressers and the viewers to express their personal style with sense and educational purpose. While you can create your look following our up coming step-by-step video or you can sit back and enjoy the mood film. So be inspired and stay focused!

fly girl fly girl7  fly girl fly girl

The inspiration of this delightful colour trend collection comes from the latest fashion runways. Structure and graphic style is ever present on the catwalks and this season’s interpretation saw simple shapes and strong outlines blended and layered with positive, bold, colourful prints thoughtful a cool nature with a rock-n-roll twist.

 fly girl fly girl6fly girl2 fly girl 

”This is a hair collection that belongs and owned by Asians!” Marco well said.

stay with us for more Gothic Edge trend reports!!

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