Horner to be part of the Redress design award hair director again for the 4th times!

Redress Design Award is an educational journey
for designers to learn about this global issues (fashion’s negative environmental impacts), whilst inspiring them to design with zero-waste material and sustainable fashion, turning their creative ideas into a concrete vision.

Hair Inspiration
“Hair inspiration comes from powerful woman- a “full-out dominatrix”
It’s set on finding the true spirit that centred on the powerful woman!”


I turned the Hair into an explosion of feather-like dreadlocks underneath, it gave the hair a bit of Guts and Rebel spirit and rawer

a generous helping with KMS’s START STYLE FINISH 3-step regimen will help you get this perfect multi texture look. We continue with this similar idea on the runway – with the support of KMS style team, hair created with dry from the inside, glittery on the outside, I love this multi-texture to complement the designers’ outfits.

“Urban Dreadlocks Explosions”

Marco: “Working from front towards the back of the head, we wanted to create a ‘morden glam dreadlocks, with Rock & Roll Spirit!”

When you see the wetlook from the front and dry texture at the back.

Before we go on runway, we slightly break up the pieces, so it looks volumised, “it’s not necessary about positioning, it’s all about spirit & texture, on this multi texture look with the spikes sure it will upgrade any hair up style this season!”

marco chan
founder of Marcochan.pro Session Hairstylist & Creative Partnership