FRONTLINE FASHION – Season 2 – Lifetime Asia
Frontline Fashion 2 follows 10 emerging designers from across the globe who are determined to change the future of fashion – one of the most polluting industries imaginable. Battling to win the Redress Design Award, the world’s largest sustainable design competition, the 10 finalists descend into Hong Kong- the epicenter of Asia’s fashion scene – to showcase their collections, together with their hopes and dreams in a live Grand Final.
Hair inspiration:

@Marco Chan x FRONTLINE FASHION – Season 2

FRONTLINE FASHION – Season 2 💃💃🏻💃🏼TV Premier – Lifetime Asia (Now TV ch.525)=== @Marco Chan #Redress #KMS Hong Kong ===首播: (23/3 – 20:00) // 重播: (24/3 – 02:35)(25/3 – 13:30) (Taiwan/ Singapore/ HK/ Malaysia/ Philippines)

Posted by Marco Chan on 2018年3月23日

Graphic Shape
Glam rock iconic influence, graphic shape and gradually going softer & softer, that moves on the ends
Marco: “Shape to be angled, I almost over-drying towards the ends, to let it flow”
marco chan
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