Marco Chan Leading Hairstylist for Redress EcoChic Design Award 2017
Marco created 3 distinct looks for the Grand Final Runway Show with KMS Styling Team.

Marco Chan x Eco Chic Design Award

My new Fashion Week Season ~ Kick off! 😉"髮型創造師, 精心打造的的一刻!"#下一站 • 澳門首辦金沙時裝週見! 🤗#tunes #theGoldenEye #m.i.d.s #Redress #加入我們 @Marco Chan #髮型團隊 #SMFW Session Hairstylist & Creative Partnership

Marcochan Pro 发布于 2017年10月14日

Hair inspiration – “Rustic dreamer”

“When an ordinary girl walks in the backstage of a theatre, “she enters the extraordinary world of dream”; seeing lots of beautiful designs pieces and wigs, that she really loves to try everything on, she put it on & have fun with it, dreaming big, very adventurous, very spontaneous, Hollywood meets dreamer!


– we created a hair cinema, using KMS style equation (Start/ Style/ Finish) with different hairstyles, from the upcoming season short crop, med length to long; from soft, graphic to playful texture, each of them (22 models) Marco finished with a personal touch to emphasis the look.

Wig Wrap Technique

Classic theatrical wig wrapping technique with wet & dry layers, but rawer

Marco: “Love the ideas of having contrast on hair, shine & energizing, playful multi texture; leaving a small section on hairline around ear to let it flies on runway, spontaneous, perfectly & undone!”

Graphic Shape

Glam rock iconic influence, graphic shape and gradually going softer & softer, that moves on the ends

Marco: “Shape to be angled, I almost over-drying towards the ends, to let it flow”

Clear Complex – Minimalistic

Marco: “working from top towards the ends, I’m spraying less & less to allow natural movements on the ends; it’s not necessary about positioning, it’s about life, hair should be feeling alive and flies on the runway!”

Backstage Artistic Moment using KMS

Lia Kassif 奪得第二名及特別獎項

marco chan
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