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Marco Chan x MenClub 15分鐘的醒神髮型 男士最怕麻煩,但同時又最在意自己的頭髮,究竟各位怎樣才可快速地塑造漂亮髮型?這次MenClub請來曾擔任「全美超級模特兒新秀大賽」髮型指導及為球星「C朗」名模女友Irina Shayk創造造型的Session Hairstylist Marco Chan向大家過兩招,教你如何打造快靚正型男髮型!Marco:「男士都愛簡簡單單,這次我會示範如何快捷地塑造兩種髮型。」他指香港人的髮型產品知識薄弱,舉例說髮泥有很多不同種類,但很多香港人,甚至是髮型師也不懂當中道理,「髮泥分油性、乾性、液體、固體……但不少男士凡泥都會使用,其實亞洲人的髮質較適合乾性而不適合用油性的。一般髮型師也未必清楚,不會花很多時間去研究,試過某種好就會一直使用,所以產品知識真的很...

Session Hairstyling Journal is Back!

Guess which A-list hollywood star Marco Chan will be styling next?  Session Hairstyling Journal is Back! You may now follow our new page & instagram for the cloest update of Session Hairstylist & Creative Partnership: (photo: Vogue/GQ) instagram: #Marcochan_pro  – facebook artist page:

“全美超級模特兒新秀大賽”- 髮型指導

Pearl Tonight- 國際級華人髮型創造師Marco Chan 為「全美超級模特兒新秀大賽」第十八季擔任髮型指導 國際級華人髮型創造師Marco Chan早前獲邀擔任「全美超級模特兒新秀大賽」第十八季的髮型指導,成為該節目首位亞洲髮型師為參賽模特兒打造潮流及創意髮型。   Marco表示很榮幸能代表亞洲參與 "America's Next Top Model",於歐洲時裝及髮型界具豐富經驗的他,跟該節目的專業時裝界團隊合作多天,交流各國潮流資訊及心得,合作順利。更重要是給模特兒創作多個時尚豔麗造型,效果十分滿意,為其事業旅程增添寶貴的里程。      more pic album :     — 想了解...

‘Backstage Confidential’ Hair Trend Seminar with Marco Chan

'Backstage Confidential' Hair Trend Seminar on 10 July with Marco Chan For a bigger future with a bigger session team, we are switching to a bigger planet! Our first major touring seminar and show in HK "Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” Marco Chan 的巡回演出和课程:    – website + showreel: weibo: fashionally: artist page:

The Fly Girl- Gothic Edge Trend Reports

Creative Director & International Session Hairstylist Marco Chan has brought the "Gothic Edge Collection" ALIVE!!  "The Fly Girl" kicking off this season's tornado and landed on!!  The Fly Girl- Mismatched proportions and eccentric colour layering together with an ‘anything goes’ attitude creates an overtly feminine, quirky edge style.        Marco has created looks that inspire the hairdressers and the viewers to express their personal style with sense and educational purpose. While you can create your look following our up coming step-by-step video or you can sit back and enjoy the mood film. So be ins...
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