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Vancouver is the new Cool – 天氣又轉涼了,來喝點茶吧!

“天氣又轉涼了,來喝點茶吧” If we say that the new coffee culture is what makes Vancouver the new cool place, let us not forget the Tea. We were so grateful to discover this Tea Bar on a cold day in Vancouver, a life savour, and surely, a breath of fresh air in the new cool. I love the sense of Space and Zen Modernism in here, a long counter-to-stool kind of setup, where you can watch your tea being brewed, I find meditative calmness and inner peace in watching water boil, brewing and pouring into different bowls and decanters. Calm, Relaxing and an interactive experience with the Tea Master. 茶道, 就是品嘗茶美感之道, 是一種烹...
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Vancouver is the New Cool – Coffee Joints

I grew up in Vancouver, but I never saw Vancouver in this very perspective, they all say it is the real foodie deal of the Pacific Northwest now, and has a great deal of Coffee Culture going on, and I incline to agree – Vancouver is the new Cool, where not only food is good,  but most importantly, “Coffee is good.” After days of eating & drinking across the city, here are my Top 3s: 1) Revolver Coffee 325 Cambie St Revolver Coffee is located in the new cool area, Gastown. It is actually the oldest area in town – you know, with the first steamclock in the world? So, this is the coffee new cool in the new cool area. Let’s go...
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