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The Royal Ice Cream 英女王御用雪糕 @ Windsor London

Everyone knows I am a BIG Ice Cream lover! And I tell you, In no where you can find this Ice Cream, so Rare, so Elegant, and  so Classy. But you can visit the Queen at the Windsor Castle and you can eat “Royal.” You will find this Royal ice cream truck by the Royal Collection Trust store with a smily girl. This is really no where to be sold except at the Castle, it is a natural product (nothing artificial, no colouring and no flavouring, made with milk from the Jersey herd on the Royal Farm at the Windsor Castle – Holy Cow, the Royal Cows! The Jersey cows have grazed the meadows within the sight of the Windsor Castle since Qu...
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Burberry Strait-Laced @ London

Always love London, every time I go there, there are always something exciting happening, this time, the made in UK – The Burberry ‘Strait-Laced’ SS16 Menswear Show Always excited about receiving calligraphy invitations, you know me. The show was held on a very sunny day on June 15th at the Kensington Gardens, English flowerbeds surrounded place, yes, indeed, it was beautiful and very romantic. I myself of course had to take the chance to wear my new pink silk organza gabardine trench 🙂 The show is about to start. We know it when elegantly the 24-piece orchestra sat down together with Rhodes, a British musician, performing a ...
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