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Elle X Phuket Travel Feature: Summer is here!

Summer. Hair gets lighter. Skin gets darker. Water gets warmer. Drinks get colder. Music gets louder. Nights get longer. Life gets better. It’s summer time, especially at Amatara! Arriving at the lobby, I already put on my “excitement” groove, just want to jump into the pool right away! But first,  Let’s go check out the room! I love this Ocean View Villa, there’s a lot of windows, sun decks and I am in love with those turquoise walls & doors, it really feels like a little house by the sea, where you just sit and feel the sea breeze come in. Walking into this one of a kind bathroom Imagine relaxing in this bath tub with all...
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Easy Breezy Hermès Summer Days

Taking a break from my European discoveries in the past few entries, It’s Summertime! We all should be Easy Breezy! How has your Summer treated you so far? I suggest, Let’s go on an adventure! Pack some foodie goodies, along with some sparkly champagne, and get lost somewhere in the wild… but most importantly, to get lost in style! Ok let’s see…. shall we go for a picnic? Picnic Packing Checklist: -Champagne – Rosé? Ha! CHECK! -Sunglasses – My purple Thierry Lasry, CHECK! -Accessories – Those cute Hermès pink bangles, oh  yes, CHECK! -Scarves – Hermès in the wild, YES! -Picnic mat – Hmmm Scarves? CHECK! -Shoes ...
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