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Five Valentine’s Day Killer Ideas

Valentine’s Day is on it’s way, Have you gotten your Valentine yet? 5 Killer ideas for you: A) Consider sending this as a helpful list to your love ones before the big day Or B) A sweet shopping list for a self-treat Ideas flows in as I open this magical box who knows a lady & gentlemen best 1) Killer Heels  “Shoe Love is true Love” Always a girls favourite, for me, Chanel always romances me. 2) Killer Lips “Never Underestimate the Power of Red Lipsticks and High Heels” they say Pick a boyfriend from Tom Ford Lips & Boys, Xavier is mine! 3) Killer Eyes “and with those eyes, you could have set the sky on fire, but you chos...
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3 Fashion Exhibitions You Must See @ London and Berlin (Part II)

A continuance to the last story, in the V&A museum in London, you will also find what all girls love the most – SHOES! Shoes: Pleasure and Pain June 13 2015 – January 2016 The exhibition showcases over 200 pairs of shoes from around the globe, from what the king wore in the historic ages to contemporary designer shoes nowadays and even showcasing the very rare exhibits from famous shoe wearer and collectors. The curation of the exhibition not only show us the cultural significance of shoes, but also takes us through What shoes symbolises or means  through Transformation, Status, Seduction, Creation and Obsession. This is the r...
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