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The Little Greece @ The Naka Island, Phuket (Part II)

The white sand and the blue waters, Oh my little Greece, The pool side and the sandy beaches, Oh my little Greece… Anyone with post-holidays / post-resort syndromes? Dance with me here, 10 seconds break, till we are out of frame, then…. …then out of frame, dancing stops and now back to reality. Work hard and play hard, Till the next time Naka. xx Leslie www.nakaislandphuket.com
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The Little Greece @ The Naka Island, Phuket (Part I)

Happy Chinese New Year!  I am sure the New Years treat you well. Wishing everyone good times with “Salt in the Water and Sand in the Air.” This is what everyday should be like, agree? The Naka Island, an exclusive boutique resort on the Naka Yai Island, A Luxury Collection Hotel & Resort by Starwood. Only 25 mins from the airport (including 5 mins speedboat), and it feels like a world away. I couldn’t ask for more to be accessible to this unique, authentic, and enriching place and not having to deal with my seasick! A warm welcome with a buggy ride to a welcome ceremony, waking up the dragon to notify him we are here! Nice t...
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So Saa, So Good, Song Saa – Part III Summer Fun and Relaxation

The very unforgettable experience – Song Saa Private Island. The full experience of living, dining and fun & relaxation. This is the place to relax, rejuvenate, find inner peace and inspiration until we meet the real world again. “The Song Saa Sanctuaries – places of peace and gentleness where mind, body, and soul are restored to their natural stillness and harmony” – Song Saa Walking in to the Song Saa spa experience… Wellness that goes beyond spa Rejuvenating the mind for greater things ahead And ending the night with an old school way of TV – the full screen projected with homemade popcorn in bed, what can I ask for? Un...

So Saa, So Good, Song Saa – Part II The Food Experience

How I miss Song Saa, private island in the seas of Cambodia. I want to go back!! Apart from the Villa, the Cuisine just amazes me.  A sweetheart, like the island’s own name, Song Saa’s room rate is all-inclusive of all F&B, meaning it is as enjoyable and as stress-free as it can get! Their pizza is so good!!  Upon arrival we had the duck pizza, and I almost want to take the pizza box home, is handmade from local raw materials. Can you believe they have sushi and sashimi…and they even have mochi and Chinese food – sweet & sour pork! We also had the “catch of the day – sea bass,” which is sourced from local suppliers, basi...

So Saa, So Good, Song Saa – Part I The Villa

Is summer, and where are we off to?  I am in love with Song Saa Private Island!   “So Saa, So Good ” – Financial Times “The Tatler 10: Best Southeast Asian Beach Resorts” – Singapore Tatler “Elle’s most glamourous honeymoon destinations” – Elle Australia “The still untouched gem” – Leslie W Tsang   Song Saa is the first private island resort in Cambodia, they call it the sweetheart island because it links up Koh Ouen and Koh Bong islands by a foot bridge which they call it the Men island and the Women island, how sweet is that? This is the Men island in the photograph, is just for a good hike there.   The resort ...