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Start your day with Skinny PANCAKES! (Easy 2 Ingredients!)

Always craving for PANCAKES! Not sure why, but Pancakes always starts your day HAPPY! Don’t we all agree? Unfortunately, Pancakes are also Fat Fat Fat! And I am on a diet! What can we do? I Love Pancakes, but I hate being Fat! Well, I got the Fat Girl Slim solution! Have Pancakes, but eat it Slim! Ingredients: 1 Banana 1 Egg Optional: Cinnamon, Vanilla Extract, Blueberries and any kind of toppings, Serve with Syrup We have the blue soldiers ready! Steps: 1) Use a fork and lightly smash the banana in a bowl 2) Beat the egg and mix together with Cinnamon and Vanilla Extract 3) Mix all the ingredients together and add blueberries 4...
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Valentine’s day: Breakfast in Bed

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we have less than one month to prepare, searching for the perfect gift for your love, thinking about the perfect occasion… Is the one day to be thankful to your Valentine, to honour the love, to tell them how you love waking up to him/her everyday, and this would be ever so rewarding for a sweet breakfast in bed, sprinkled with love. So “Stay in bed” my friends, wait for it!  So here’s how it goes…. Vintage pink Rose – Check From your nearest florist Love note – Check Sealed with a seal or with a kiss Prep-ing the breakfast: Confetti pancakes – Check 1 cup pancake mix 1 c...
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