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The Little Greece, The Naka Island, Phuket (Part III)

Sometimes you just need a beach day, where the sea is blue, the sand is white, to listen to your soul, to listen to your heart, to listen to your voice, and it suddenly fixes everything, it rejuvenates you, and let you be a better you.   May you never be too busy to stop and breathe under the palm trees. Is it summer yet? xx  Leslie www.nakaislandphuket.com
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The Little Greece @ The Naka Island, Phuket (Part II)

The white sand and the blue waters, Oh my little Greece, The pool side and the sandy beaches, Oh my little Greece… Anyone with post-holidays / post-resort syndromes? Dance with me here, 10 seconds break, till we are out of frame, then…. …then out of frame, dancing stops and now back to reality. Work hard and play hard, Till the next time Naka. xx Leslie www.nakaislandphuket.com
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The Little Greece @ The Naka Island, Phuket (Part I)

Happy Chinese New Year!  I am sure the New Years treat you well. Wishing everyone good times with “Salt in the Water and Sand in the Air.” This is what everyday should be like, agree? The Naka Island, an exclusive boutique resort on the Naka Yai Island, A Luxury Collection Hotel & Resort by Starwood. Only 25 mins from the airport (including 5 mins speedboat), and it feels like a world away. I couldn’t ask for more to be accessible to this unique, authentic, and enriching place and not having to deal with my seasick! A warm welcome with a buggy ride to a welcome ceremony, waking up the dragon to notify him we are here! Nice t...
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Insert Tea to Begin (A Post Holiday Cure)

Happy New Year!! Christmas and New Years has just passed us, feeling a bit cold & empty? a bit depressed & overweight? a bit too tired & settling? Yes, everyone needs some rejuvenation to get all that out of the system for a real kick-start of the year. How about some tea instead of coffee? “Insert Tea to Begin” Now, go get it – “IT’S YOUR YEAR!” – The Moroccan Mint Tea Strong Brewed Green Tea Natural Mint Leaves Honey ~ Good for- Treats nausea & indigestion, headache relief, prevents mental fatigue, skincare, prevents tooth decay & weight loss! Simply brew some green tea and add honey, then place the mint leaves in a cup ...
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The Unforgettable Birthday Experience @ UK

On Oct 1, 12pm, an ordinary Wednesday, we hopped on a London taxi from the Rosewood Hotel to an extraordinary experience – A birthday surprise. An exclusive, and one-of-a-kind birthday party at the Primrose Bakery for two. “I eat cake because it’s somebody’s birthday somewhere” – Whose? My Birthday, and Where? London! This was a place I always wanted to visit.  I have come across this from actually just buying a copy of the “Primrose Bakery Celebrations” book in Page One, and it has been on my mind ever since. Arriving to this place with dazzling, fairy-tale like birthday decorations – yellow, mint green and pink colour...
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