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A Merry Hermès Christmas!

Dear Santa, I have been a good girl this year, and I would like the following presents for Christmas: 1) Orange Boxes 2) Orange Boxes 3) Orange Boxes and 4) Oranges Boxes 5) Ok, fine, and Orange ornaments works too! (I got a tree with no ornaments!) Well, wait, not just  orange ones, but these specific ones please: (All from you know where! Yes! Saint-Honoré) Thank you, I will leave cookies & milk for Mr. Reindeer & I will be the best version of myself in the coming year, Just for the orange jewels, I promise! Love, Leslie Ok, I know is a long way to ride to Hong Kong from North Pole & Paris, but Mr. Reindeer I have faith in yo...
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Happy Friday! Bows are for Belles!

A quick Happy Video & A Happy Song to share on a Happy Friday! Aren’t they cute & adorable? Tie in in your wrist, in your head, in your bag, around your neck. Bows are not only for Beau-s Bows are for Belle-s! Have a rainbow kind of Friday! xx Leslie Hermès ://hong-kong.hermes.com/la-maison-des-carres/belle-in-a-bow-1.html
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Easy Breezy Hermès Summer Days

Taking a break from my European discoveries in the past few entries, It’s Summertime! We all should be Easy Breezy! How has your Summer treated you so far? I suggest, Let’s go on an adventure! Pack some foodie goodies, along with some sparkly champagne, and get lost somewhere in the wild… but most importantly, to get lost in style! Ok let’s see…. shall we go for a picnic? Picnic Packing Checklist: -Champagne – Rosé? Ha! CHECK! -Sunglasses – My purple Thierry Lasry, CHECK! -Accessories – Those cute Hermès pink bangles, oh  yes, CHECK! -Scarves – Hermès in the wild, YES! -Picnic mat – Hmmm Scarves? CHECK! -Shoes ...
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