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Snoopy Matchaaaaa 茶室 @ Yufuin, Japan

Where is Yufuin? (湯布院) Yufuin is around an hour and a half from Fukuoka City 福岡, Is a cute little town, with I think around 11K population, famous for hot springs & resorts (that’s what we were there for!) As small as the town is, I was so surprised to find this Japanese Snoopy Tea Room! Matcha Matcha Matcha! Green Tea Grean Tea Green Tea! (You gotta be cute once in a while, right?) A zen snoopy in a zen garden. Love this little gallery And even snoopy is in the hot springs, steaming in Matcha Latte! How cute is this woodstock 蛋包飯? Lastly what do we do? We finish off of course with matcha ICE CREAM!! P.S Don’t forget ...
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3 steps to a Matcha Latte!

Lately, I have been craving for a Matcha Latte & a smoked salmon egg mayo croissant, everyday, and I really mean everyday! It has really become my comfort food – especially in this Rainy HK weather! So, I made my own latte, and it is amazing how it tastes like one you can order at a real coffee shop! So here how it goes: – “The Ultimate 3 steps Matcha Latte Recipe” All you need is: 1 Tsp Matcha Green Tea Powder 1/4 cup of Hot Water 3/4 cup of Milk Honey And Doraemon Dorayaki  for me 🙂 First, dissolve the matcha green tea powder in hot water & stir. Heat the milk, in my case, I used the Nespresso Aeroccino to whip up the mil...
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