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Christmas Gifts Ideas – Personalised Moët @ Selfridges London

Christmas Gifts! Christmas Gifts! Ideas Ideas Ideas! For someone special, Well, something personalised, something festive, bubbly, and with me in it! Selfridges always have the answer! Selfridges & Moët & Chandon launches world’s first ever champagne Photo Booth! They always do personalisation so well! First Step: Arriving at the counter, Instructions Instructions!! Second Step: You can choose either to upload a photo to personalise your bottle or POSE! Third Step: Let’s strike a pose! Here’s the photo booth! So cute! Ready! Say Cheese! Fourth Step: Then the picture prints, and we line up for this cutie to help affix the l...
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A Merry Hermès Christmas!

Dear Santa, I have been a good girl this year, and I would like the following presents for Christmas: 1) Orange Boxes 2) Orange Boxes 3) Orange Boxes and 4) Oranges Boxes 5) Ok, fine, and Orange ornaments works too! (I got a tree with no ornaments!) Well, wait, not just  orange ones, but these specific ones please: (All from you know where! Yes! Saint-Honoré) Thank you, I will leave cookies & milk for Mr. Reindeer & I will be the best version of myself in the coming year, Just for the orange jewels, I promise! Love, Leslie Ok, I know is a long way to ride to Hong Kong from North Pole & Paris, but Mr. Reindeer I have faith in yo...
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