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A Festive Beginning: Burberry Personalised For You

People that know me well, knows that I very much appreciate Heritage, Craftsmanship, Personalisation, ( I love everything monogrammed) Calligraphy, paper, pen, gifting, I love London, is my favourite place on earth, And I have worked in the HK music industry for years,  how do I not love Music? That tells a lot about me, but it also tells a lot about Burberry. Is a love at first sight, and as I get to know more about the brand and what it represents, is growing love! Last night we celebrated at the Pacific Place Hong Kong Flagship with the Best of British Heritage, Craftsmanship and Music! (BTW, do you see a Xmas tree shape from...
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Nutella! Nutella! Nutella! @ Selfridges UK

Always love to stroll food halls in Europe, you can always find things that can surprise you. At this time of the year, everyone is getting ready for Christmas there (still a bit early for HK-ers) Christmas decorations, dazzling lights, food & wine, gifts all ready at London’s department stores, and yes, even the food hall. One of the exclusive Christmas gifts at Selfridges Food Hall, A rather wintery Christmas flavour if you think about it, Hazelnut, Chocolatey, & Yummy, Nutella! Not just any Nutella, but your personalised Nutella with your own name on it. A great Christmas gift idea right? Who doesn’t like to personalisation?...
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