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3 steps to a Matcha Latte!

Lately, I have been craving for a Matcha Latte & a smoked salmon egg mayo croissant, everyday, and I really mean everyday! It has really become my comfort food – especially in this Rainy HK weather! So, I made my own latte, and it is amazing how it tastes like one you can order at a real coffee shop! So here how it goes: – “The Ultimate 3 steps Matcha Latte Recipe” All you need is: 1 Tsp Matcha Green Tea Powder 1/4 cup of Hot Water 3/4 cup of Milk Honey And Doraemon Dorayaki  for me 🙂 First, dissolve the matcha green tea powder in hot water & stir. Heat the milk, in my case, I used the Nespresso Aeroccino to whip up the mil...
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Insert Tea to Begin (A Post Holiday Cure)

Happy New Year!! Christmas and New Years has just passed us, feeling a bit cold & empty? a bit depressed & overweight? a bit too tired & settling? Yes, everyone needs some rejuvenation to get all that out of the system for a real kick-start of the year. How about some tea instead of coffee? “Insert Tea to Begin” Now, go get it – “IT’S YOUR YEAR!” – The Moroccan Mint Tea Strong Brewed Green Tea Natural Mint Leaves Honey ~ Good for- Treats nausea & indigestion, headache relief, prevents mental fatigue, skincare, prevents tooth decay & weight loss! Simply brew some green tea and add honey, then place the mint leaves in a cup ...
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