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Elle X Phuket Travel Feature: Summer is here!

Summer. Hair gets lighter. Skin gets darker. Water gets warmer. Drinks get colder. Music gets louder. Nights get longer. Life gets better. It’s summer time, especially at Amatara! Arriving at the lobby, I already put on my “excitement” groove, just want to jump into the pool right away! But first,  Let’s go check out the room! I love this Ocean View Villa, there’s a lot of windows, sun decks and I am in love with those turquoise walls & doors, it really feels like a little house by the sea, where you just sit and feel the sea breeze come in. Walking into this one of a kind bathroom Imagine relaxing in this bath tub with all...
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Christmas Gifts Ideas – Personalised Moët @ Selfridges London

Christmas Gifts! Christmas Gifts! Ideas Ideas Ideas! For someone special, Well, something personalised, something festive, bubbly, and with me in it! Selfridges always have the answer! Selfridges & Moët & Chandon launches world’s first ever champagne Photo Booth! They always do personalisation so well! First Step: Arriving at the counter, Instructions Instructions!! Second Step: You can choose either to upload a photo to personalise your bottle or POSE! Third Step: Let’s strike a pose! Here’s the photo booth! So cute! Ready! Say Cheese! Fourth Step: Then the picture prints, and we line up for this cutie to help affix the l...
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Champagne Moments – inspired by Gucci Première Eau de Toilette

“Make everyday a celebration.” I see glamour not only at big events or grand events, not only at red carpets, not only for the night, but glamour could be during the daytime to0, when we celebrate the thrill of everyday success, when we celebrate our champagne moments of everyday achievement, and make them resonate and last. This is the true Gucci Première Eau de Toilette inspiration. Gucci Première Eau de Toilette, a  lighter, brighter, and more delicate incarnation of this memorable signature scent to celebrate everyday’s champagne moments. Inspired by the Gucci Première couture collection that debuted at the 2010 Ca...
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Shinjuku Gyoen – Summer Picnic!

When you travel to Tokyo, is always the same routine – eat & shop…well, mostly just shop, what makes this trip extraordinary? How about a special date in the park? Ready to go! Love this picnic mat I got in Salut! 500 yen only! As we enter in to the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden – you can tell how royal it is! It was the original residence of Lord Naito in the Edo Period and later the Imperial Gardens. Here we are at the Japanese Garden, is too bad it is not the cherry blossom seasons, but when it is , this is the best spot! Ha! Picnic Time! We had so much fun preparing the day before – Champagne, Water, Perrier, Coffee, Jap...
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Is Happy Hour Time!!

 "The Strawberry Champagne Cocktail " 2 Strawberries 1/4 tsp Vanilla Extract Mint Leaves 1/4 tsp freshly squeezed lemon Juice with lemon zest! 1 tsp sugar Champagne – Rose Mix everything with a blender, pour into a champagne flute half-way, then top with champagne & stir gently.   "I drink to make other people more interesting" – Ernest Hemingway "Cheers! xx Leslie"
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