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Chef Leslie - 成Chef之路 @ Bali

“The best way to learn about a culture or a place is to learn about their cuisine.” – Leslie You can tell a lot from food, the history, the climate, the economy, the great traditions… And when you travel, cooking is definitely the best way to get local. The morning of the cooking class started with an amazing local tour. Walking along the beach with many local fish boats until we get to the market place (yes! like the wet markets in HK!) Chef Kris shows us that a man’s got to have his knife!  Entering the fish market, did you know a lot of the blue fin Japanese tuna (our TORO) comes from Bali not Japan! Is interesting to se...
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Sweet Dreams @ Bali

“Good Morning Beautiful!” How has the long holiday treated you? I am sure everyone enjoyed a good beauty sleep without waking up to the alarm clock. Well, for me, is not just that. Is waking up to a perfect view and a cup of latte at the Four Seasons Resort in Bali; a spa retreat everyday during the holiday, and there’s more, A great discovery at the spa I just have to share with you! – an 8 hour beauty treatment all night long! Slip, for beauty sleep A pure silk pillowcase, Not just any silk, but the very best. “For good hair day, good skin, and good sleep” My beauty sleep meaning – No mark and ironing wrinkles on your fa...
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