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Everyday is Christmas @ Bangkok

On a short trip to Bangkok, I have made a great discovery to this hidden gem, a little store tucked away – “Everyday Kamakarmet” It is truly a store that can lift up your spirits, with great positive energy, love and appreciation of life, a reflection through the five elements of life – Food, Clean (the owner likes to be tidy!), Work, Care, ETC. (all the spontaneous things that makes you, you), that tells you, “I Love My Life.” This is what Christmas is all about. Let’s go in! Try counting how many smiley face there are in this store! This Smiley Christmas Tree!!! Amazed by all the quotes & post cards everywhere! So much ...
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Milk, the happiest spot @ LA

This is simply “the spot” to go to in LA! Every time I am there! Louis Vuitton’s Los Angeles City Guide quotes it: “Milk is the epitome of “good things,” featuring every dessert you craved when you were seven years old and didn’t know the meaning of calories” In that sense, I have totally turned into a little girl once arriving this magical spot! Waiting in the ever-so long line-up to get in and enjoying the California sunshine! Ice Cream Parlor I totally have an ordering problem, I just went crazy ordering everything! My favourites at the Ice Cream Parlor: 1) Thai Ice Tea Ice Cream Sandwich (By the way the Four Seasons B...
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The Unforgettable Birthday Experience @ UK

On Oct 1, 12pm, an ordinary Wednesday, we hopped on a London taxi from the Rosewood Hotel to an extraordinary experience – A birthday surprise. An exclusive, and one-of-a-kind birthday party at the Primrose Bakery for two. “I eat cake because it’s somebody’s birthday somewhere” – Whose? My Birthday, and Where? London! This was a place I always wanted to visit.  I have come across this from actually just buying a copy of the “Primrose Bakery Celebrations” book in Page One, and it has been on my mind ever since. Arriving to this place with dazzling, fairy-tale like birthday decorations – yellow, mint green and pink colour...
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