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The Little Greece @ The Naka Island, Phuket (Part I)

Happy Chinese New Year!  I am sure the New Years treat you well. Wishing everyone good times with “Salt in the Water and Sand in the Air.” This is what everyday should be like, agree? The Naka Island, an exclusive boutique resort on the Naka Yai Island, A Luxury Collection Hotel & Resort by Starwood. Only 25 mins from the airport (including 5 mins speedboat), and it feels like a world away. I couldn’t ask for more to be accessible to this unique, authentic, and enriching place and not having to deal with my seasick! A warm welcome with a buggy ride to a welcome ceremony, waking up the dragon to notify him we are here! Nice t...
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Everyday is Christmas @ Bangkok

On a short trip to Bangkok, I have made a great discovery to this hidden gem, a little store tucked away – “Everyday Kamakarmet” It is truly a store that can lift up your spirits, with great positive energy, love and appreciation of life, a reflection through the five elements of life – Food, Clean (the owner likes to be tidy!), Work, Care, ETC. (all the spontaneous things that makes you, you), that tells you, “I Love My Life.” This is what Christmas is all about. Let’s go in! Try counting how many smiley face there are in this store! This Smiley Christmas Tree!!! Amazed by all the quotes & post cards everywhere! So much ...
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“The Staircase” – Chanel @ Paris

A visit to 31 Rue Cambon. The first arrondissement of Chanel. Mademoiselle Coco Chanel’s apartment and studio. The apartment where she spend most of her time, where she worked and entertained friends, but never slept one night in. Where we see the ever so iconic staircase , “The Staircase” Mademoiselle would check on all the models before they walk down the staircase at her shows. Maybe this was where she said: “Keep your heels, head and standards high” – Coco Chanel “Mademoiselle was famous for watching the défilé (show), sitting out of sight on the stairs and observing the crowd’s reaction through the kaleidoscopic m...
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Ralph’s @ Paris

We are all very excited about the new Ralph Lauren Flagship store in Hong Kong, Like all Ralph Lauren global flagships in New York, Paris, Milan, London… The Maison is unquestionably magnificent, elegant and extraordinary. Each flagship store has it’s own distinctive touch inspired by the culture, history and architecture of the place and as a touch of tradition meets modernization. It also created a refined & unique Ralph Lauren lifestyle for us:- Hong Kong has a bar, New York has Ralph’s Coffee, London has it’s English gentlemen’s club, Paris has the Ralph’s Restaurant in the heart of the store, beautifully situated at th...
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