Hair gets lighter.

Skin gets darker.

Water gets warmer.

Drinks get colder.

Music gets louder.

Nights get longer.

Life gets better.

It’s summer time,

especially at Amatara!




Arriving at the lobby, I already put on my “excitement” groove, just want to jump into the pool right away!

But first,  Let’s go check out the room!





I love this Ocean View Villa,

there’s a lot of windows, sun decks and I am in love with those turquoise walls & doors,

it really feels like a little house by the sea,

where you just sit and feel the sea breeze come in.


Walking into this one of a kind bathroom


Imagine relaxing in this bath tub with all open windows surrounding you, letting the ocean breeze and the sunshine in,

overlooking the pool and the sea

…and when you look up


The High dome shape ceiling echoing the dome shaped bathtub, how stunning!



Or you can just stand by the doors, on a breezy island beat,

 and just let the fringe borders of your dress flies when the breeze blows in – advantage of wearing this Tory Burch piece,

love the silhouette it gives. It goes perfectly well with these seashells necklace,

a perfect setting with a perfect outfit indeed.


Amatara is a resort and a “wellness” resort,

it isn’t strictly a wellness resort where a lot of times they take away your phone and only serve you green juice,

but there is also a happy side to it with ice cream and French fries (I can also have lots of champagne! yay!),

 so for me, being a fitness frantic on holiday, this is the best happy balance,

meaning I won’t be so guilty after having fries at the poolside,

because I know I can have a wellness cuisine at breakfast & dinner time

and some yoga the next morning,

and perhaps some body therapies and the Thai Hamman,

and I can also hit the gym,

so this is exactly a blissful state of relaxation and comfort and giving you a healthy happy glow inside out.




Did you know this was my first ever Yoga session? Can’t believe I can be “flexible”!

The resort have a very good Yoga teacher from India, and they have a perfect Yoga Sala overlooking the sunrise.

I realized that it is not just about the flexibility in the body, but Yoga also means flexibility in the mind, and that’s way more important.

Yoga is not only for physical wellness, it is also for mental wellness.

The Yoga instructor at the Amatara really enlightened me, and it opened me to Yoga, and my perspective of Yoga.

Thank you Amatara for opening my horizons!



A healthy breakfast time at the resort’s wellness hub – The retreat.

The Retreat was my hang out place during my stay,

this is a wellness cuisine place, a club that’s cozy and it has a private pool too.

I love the concept of allowing you to live life well and maintain my healthy lifestyle when I’m away from home.

Lots of protein in-take here , and they even have a protein shake for you after workout! Amazing!




Another means of wellness, is the ultimate spa treatment.

The spa is the highlight of the resort, and the wellness program with the recent launch of the Thai Hamman treatment.

Love the interior as you enter the spa.


The Welcome drink is served! This is made from a purple herb flower they grow in their gardens,

called the Butteryfly Flower,

the trick is to add lime, and the drink turns more and more purple.

DSC01251What is a Thai Hamman?

Hamman is actually a traditional Turkish bathing ritual, and Amatara gives this a Thai spa touch,

giving an exceptional spa experience.

Here’s the 150 mins journey:

1) 80 degrees Sauna: 5 mins (Therapist already put oil in my hair)

2) Rain Shower to cool off

(hot and cold helps stimulate blood circulation, the immune system and to enliven the skin and the whole body and reduce fatigue)

3) Thai Floral Steam: 10 mins (traditional steam to help your respiratory system and skin)

4) Rain shower to cool off

5) Hamman Room: The room is steamed up, even the floor is heated.

-Lie in the heated stone bed for body rinse and full body scrub)

-They even shampooed my hair

-Walk to a shaved ice area to apply ice on yourself

-Mud Therapy time – where they put mud on your face and body

6) Steam room: sit for 15 mins and rinse with a cool shower

7) Pink Himalayan Salt cave: 15 mins rest (beneficial to respiratory system)

8) Signature massage

The Thai Hamman might seem a little overwhelmed by all the hot-cold contrasts,

cleansing, running around rooms,

but unlike other spa treatments which gives you the instant pleasure, this one is more therapeutical,

and it benefits you in a more deeper and much longer way.


How pretty is this pink salt room

DSC01281 Time to close my eyes a little



Let’s walk over to the Poolside! Yay!



Feeling nice and breezy in this Tory Burch structured poplin,

with a nice touch of red flowery embroidery that gives a great contrast to the tweed dress


Tweed is my all time favourite, and is usually not that friendly during summer,

but this tweed skirt is one of a kind, is super lightweight

and I love how the tassel at the end gives it a breezy feeling.

Stylish and totally easy to wear, that’s the ultimate glam-up resort travel style.


OK, changed into this super cute Tory Burch blue costa two-piece swimsuit.

Did you even know that the swimwear itself is equivalent to “SPF50 sunblock”?

But of course we still have to put on sunblock for the face.

My poolside essential – the CANVAS Sun Protect Gel SPF30,

it is natural and organic, and you really feel the natural in it, is light and not oily at all,

and it performs – protects you from the sun and it helps with the dark spots,

leaving you to a balanced bright skin.




Burning Hot!!

When you have sat in the poolside for a while now, you need some refreshment,

yes to refreshing drinks, your body needs it,


and yes to my other poolside essential – CANVAS refreshing Cucumber Soothe Calming mist, your skin needs it!

It gives your skin the instant hydration it needs, it pumps up your soft skin, and calms your skin from the sunshine.

I also used it to soothe my back and the top of my head, Yes, I got burnt, lucky I brought the mist with me, it really helps.


And of course, poolside fun means some happy food – Fries & Satay! Don’t worry – we have all the wellness plan intact to kill it off 🙂

After all the poolside fun,

we need to do some pampering in the room!


Full gear ready!


After a full day out in the sunshine, when you feel a little burnt and dry, what’s better than to put on a soothing gel mask,

it really helps calm the skin and the redness, it hydrates the skin, soothes and softens my skin, rejuvenating to a better me before the sunshine,

My essential – CANVAS Rose Otto Facial Hydro Gel Mask

Hmm.. smells so so so Rosey, as if you are in a French Rose Garden!


After all the fun, I am my own spa at the end of the day. Treat those tired muscles, relax, energise the body.

Relax, be your own spa, and you will be ready for a new day ahead.

My essential – CANVAS energizing body oil


Now, let’s celebrate the end of the trip with some….

DSC01884Champagne! YES!!


Moët Ice Impérial is indeed a perfect fun, fresh, fruity and stylish pairing for the sunshine and the poolside.




How do you drink the Moët Ice Impérial?

It is the first ever champagne to made to enjoy over ice, so ice is the essential!

Large Cabernet Style Glass X 2 – CHECKED

Ice cubes X 3 per serving – CHECKED

To heighten its freshness & aromatic intensity, add:-

Mint Leaves – CHECKED

Red fruits (Strawberries & Raspberries) – CHECKED

(Alterntively or in addition you can add: White Grapefruit zest, cucumber peel, a very thin slice of ginger, and/or Cardamon seeds)


Ta-da! Your Summer refreshing Champagne!


With the red berries added in, it really heightens the fruitiness and brings out the aroma of the champagne.

You can really taste the raspberry notes and the tropical fruits inside the champagne and it creates

a round and refreshing colourful palate.






This truly celebrates my kind of moment at the poolside, welcome Summer!


It has been fun and relaxing! Time to say goodbye when the sun sets!



Sunset orange with this Tory Burch Sunset orange blocky knit top and embroidered shorts

I just have to highlight the position lace-up heeled espadrille which gives beach shoes a twist, love the poppy red and the lace-up style twist,

and mosts of all, it has a heel for all occasions, and

it doesn’t look too beachy when you dress-up for sunset cocktail time.



The Sun is setting,

Till next time!

And remember, is only the start of Summer!

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