I grew up in Vancouver,

but I never saw Vancouver

in this very perspective,

they all say it is the real foodie deal

of the Pacific Northwest now,

and has a great deal of

Coffee Culture going on,

and I incline to agree –

Vancouver is the new Cool,

where not only food is good, 

but most importantly,

“Coffee is good.”

After days of eating & drinking across the city,

here are my Top 3s:

1) Revolver Coffee

325 Cambie St

Revolver Coffee is located in the new cool area, Gastown. It is actually the oldest area in town

– you know, with the first steamclock in the world?

So, this is the coffee new cool in the new cool area.


Let’s go in and try it out!


I love the sense of space and light in the shop.

This is the ideal place to sit with a cup of coffee and watch people go by.


The lights in the coffee shop are all directed with lamps, which really gives a spotlight on things going-on inside.


This World Mural nailed it!

The whole shop is a well balanced of cool and industrial accents, especially love the exposed steel piping,

and the copper tones enhanced by the coffee tools and the water taps.


Revolver make specialty coffees, one cup at a time,

and they even have tasting flights to try out the different coffees from all over the world or in different brew methods.


Their beans are from roaster from all over North America – Portland, New York, to the close by coffee joints to London



These guys are not only a bunch of joy but cool and professional.

yvrcoffee1Coffee time!



Always love a hot latte and a cookie on the cold day, don’t you agree?


Just next door to Revolver, they are actually connected is Revolver’s annex,

The Archive,

with a long commune table,

a common space,

along with books, coffee goods & equipment for home brewing,

plus really cool sweatshirts to buy.


Love these coffee pins, aren’t they cute?


Bye Bye! Till next time!

2) 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters

West 4th Avenue

This one is recommended by everyone I ask.

And in no doubt because they even have their own DONUTS (a less-sweet version!),

and the cups are all in lovely turquoise colour,

I more like think that Revolver is a guy’s coffee joint, and this is the ladies version of the cool.




The donuts are less sweet, and they are handcrafted of natural ingredients,

Yummy and less guilty right, girls?


Each cup is carefully handcrafted, how many beans? one bean, two bean…


And they even have their own cold brew, how cool.


I love the turquoise space here, it looks like  a little cottage,

through the many windows, you will see an amazing reflection of the lamps

and it sort of really lights up the whole place.



This long john donut is just divine! Yum!!


Coffee & Donut, the golden couple, you melt me!

3) West Elm Market

2916 Granville Street

Always love West Elm’s lifestyle concept and its furnitures,

and the fact they believe everything has to be monogrammed and personalised,

West Elm Market is a standalone store with the less bulky items,

more focused on kitchen-ware, Garden, Care & Repair and Personal Care.

Personal Care that is, Coffee Care.

The West Elm Market features a cafe in collab with Philadelphia-based coffee roaster,

La Colombe Torrefaction,

You just buy the coffee and sit at a casual wooden table in the middle of the store,

shop and enjoy (even the wooden table you are sitting on is for sale)




Out of the coffee joints I tried, I think they make the best latte. This is the fourth of fifth time we visited this place.

This is indeed the coffee renaissance in full swing, and believe it or not,

all cool places begins with coffee,

Vancouver indeed is the new cool