Curtains up!



Photo: Burberry

Burberry never fails to disappoint us.

Always so elegantly presented in the Kensington Gardens,

Each time it feels as if you are taken to an Orchestra.

I am especially excited to see this show

with all the transformation Burberry is taking in the past few months,

this is the first show unifying all the lines into one label “Burberry,”

and it is now seasonless,

most importantly, you see it you buy it!

Unlike having to wait 6 months for the runway pieces to hit the stores,

 I can now immediately tap into, buy now and personalise.

My Favourites:

1) Military Coats

Consistent to the Men’s show, we see a lot of Military Coats, these ones I love:


Photo: aska

2) Dresses 

These two dress are a breathe of fresh air in the show. How I love the way they flow:

Photo: Aska

Photo: Aka

3) Golden Sparkly Girl

Always a fan of golden, sparkly and champagne. What are we wearing to a Burberry party?

Photo: Aka

Photo: Aka

4) Faux Fur Coat

This is the only Faux Fur Coat in this show versus the Fur Coat we remembered in Men’s show.

A girl needs her Faux Fur  – casual night out with Jeans or a formal occasion, it works anywhere anytime seriously!

Photo: Aka

Photo: Aka

5) These Tights!

Love Love Love! Lace up, this touch totally sparked up all those looks!

Photo: Aka

Photo: Aka

 I want this, this and this!

I have to say,

I not only admire

the show,

the pieces,

the brand,

but most of all,

the wit, courage and charisma


Christopher Bailey.

Christopher Bailey, you are brilliant!

Seasonless, Immediate, Personal, 

infusing the business with seamless

Digital Innovations,

this is the present day success formula

for the Business of Fashion.

Here’s the LIVE SHOW (please start from 7″)

By the way, London, I really miss you!