Today is the last day of 2015.

A day to reflect,

think about the things you have done,

things you have accomplished,

things you regret,

things you unfortunately did wrong and abouts,

things you did right,

good or bad, it is all to be thankful for,

as life goes on for us,

we are healthy & well, and there’s still a new page ahead for us in 2016

to do it over, to strive, to do more,

and we can’t achieve without

a daily dose of caffeine right?

“So my NY resolution is to drink more coffee in 2016!”

You know, sort of when Popeye has to drink his spinach before he does anything?

Well, that’s the spirit! Go get it Tiger!


So this was what I did, as I was getting cold & tired from all the shopping on Regent Street (but still in the NY spirit)…


 Illy Caffè was a life savour, thanks to my dear friend Fabrizio!

Indeed a gem in the bustling and hustling London,

a place to stop, refuel, refresh and reflect!


Loving this coffee cup chandelier and the contemporary space with an Italian touch!

illy2 illy6

Well coffee is even better with a cute barista! Nice touch Illy!


My long waited Illy Crema!

Did you know this drink is everywhere in Milan, in airports, train stations,

and I totally fell in love with it and then it was no where to be found until now!

(And then my dear friend told me, Four Seasons HK poolside has it!)

Anyways, what’s Illy Crema?

Is a smooth coffee creme with milk and micro-crystals of ice,

Ok, you would say is a frappaccino,

but not really, is actually very velvety and refined,

must try!


Here’s what I call “Tiramisu affogato” – this is not the real name, but is the concept of it –

A Tiramisu with a dash of espresso


Yum yum!


And there was even a surprise for me! Thanks to Davide the shop manager,

an exclusive course on “barista at home”!


Thank you Illy & Fabrizio for the Christmas gift!

Now I can be a barista at home too!

Friends, come for coffee!

Loving the mirror design,

matches my mirror coffee table & all at home too!

Happy New Year to you all! 

Drink more coffee in 2016!



Illy Caffè Regent Street, 295 Regent Street, London