A continuance to the last story,

in the V&A museum in London,

you will also find

what all girls love the most –


Shoes: Pleasure and Pain

June 13 2015 – January 2016



The exhibition showcases over 200 pairs of shoes from around the globe,

from what the king wore in the historic ages to contemporary designer shoes nowadays

and even showcasing the very rare exhibits from famous shoe wearer and collectors.

The curation of the exhibition not only show us the cultural significance of shoes, but also takes us through

What shoes symbolises or means 

through Transformation, Status, Seduction, Creation and Obsession.


This is the real “glass slipper” in the movie Cinderella made of Swarovski crystal,

designed by Sandy Powell, my favourite film costume designer

who designed film costumes for not only many Leonardo DiCaprio movies

like The Wolf of Wall Street and Shutter Island,

but my favourites, The Young Victoria and The Other Boleyn Girl.

The exhibition takes us through this Transformation, 

where Cinderella have restored to her rightful position in the world through her slippers,

and fairy-tale shoes for boys are perhaps the Jordan shoes to fly, leap & dash

– this is how the shoes are marketed for you to emotionally feel this.

Shoes4Yes, this is about how the

“One Shoe can change your life – the Transformation indeed”


Through different centuries & cultures,

shoes also tell a lot about Status of the person.

This pair has so much embroidery, it tells how supreme & privileged this person is,

and yes, of course they are the shoes of a King.

Shoes12From these ballerinas and Chinese women shoes back in the old days, they do not engage in manual labor.

People that have to stand and walk and run to make a hard living would not be wearing these shoes.

Another section of the exhibition was Seduction where many shoes that symbolises “SEXY” was exhibited,

you would image the ones with a lot of feather on them! 🙂


In the early 20th century, in a New York socialite Rita de Acosta Lydig’s Obsession ,

this shoe trunk consists of  12 paris of the same shoes.

Apparently she commissioned over hundreds of shoes from Pietro Yantorny in Paris,

who was a shoemaker that claimed to be

“the most expensive shoemaker in the world”


We can find very rare shoes here, like this one from about 1962 in Paris –

Roger Vivier for Christian Dior


And these Ferragamo from I’m not sure how long ago, aren’t they exquisite?


Finally, how are shoes made?

Such a fascinating process from

Sketches designs to leather to trimming to the many type of heels….



From tailor-making the shoes for Princess Diana!



Oh Shoes, how you make our dreams come true!

Another great exhibition that I had the pleasure to see was

Mario Testino. In Your Face Exhibition

in Berlin

January 20 2015 – July 27, 2015


Mario Testino is one of the most influential,

well-known and celebrated fashion photographer of our time.

He has worked with an endless list of

super models such as Kate Moss, Natalia Vondianova, Gisele Bundchen,

stars such as Madonna, Brad Pitt, Shu Qi (to owe that I had the pleasure to have worked with Mario),

royalty, of course, Princess Diana and the royal family.

His work are featured in the many Vogue, Vanity Fair, V,

and brand global fashion campaigns such as Burberry, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein…


This exhibition includes 125 images of Mario Testino’s work,

including some of his personal work which are just very delightful & fun to see.

Love the particular setup and lit up of the photographs.

I won’t reveal too much here, because it will give it all away,

but yes, be sure not to miss this!

Shoes: Pleasure and Pain -http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/exhibitions/shoes-pleasure-and-pain/about-the-exhibition/

Mario Testino. In Your Face: http://www.smb.museum/en/exhibitions/detail/mario-testino-in-your-face.html

Still so so many other fashion exhibitions I would like to see

like the Giorgio Armani museum – Armani/Silos,

celebrating its 40th Anniversary in Milan!!!