Valentine’s Day is just around the corner,

and we have less than one month to prepare,

searching for the perfect gift for your love,

thinking about the perfect occasion…

Is the one day to be thankful to your Valentine,

to honour the love,

to tell them how you love waking up to him/her everyday,

and this would be ever so rewarding for a

sweet breakfast in bed,

sprinkled with love.

So “Stay in bed” my friends, wait for it!

 So here’s how it goes….


Vintage pink Rose – Check

From your nearest florist


Love note – Check

Sealed with a seal or with a kiss


Prep-ing the breakfast:

Confetti pancakes – Check

1 cup pancake mix

1 cup yellow cake mix

2 eggs 

1 tps vanilla

1 cup of milk

3 tbs rainbow or heart sprinkles

Put everything in a bowl and whisk,

then scoop 1 ice-cream scoop of batter on to the buttered up hot pan on both sides.

Glaze – Check

2 tbs unsalted butter melted

2 tps vanilla

3 tbs milk

2-3 cups of powered sugar

Mix everything together, but add the powdered sugar slowly then pour over the warm pancake. 

And what do you know, this works for birthday’s too, so if it is a celebration, put a candle on!

Fresh Strawberries kisses – Check

Nespresso Coffee  – Check

Come to think about it, love stories always start with a cup of coffee

Freshly squeezed orange juice – Check

 And even though coffee and orange juice doesn’t seem to always match, they always match on a breakfast table 

Pastel plate, cake stand, napkin & golden cutlery – Check

Serving tray – Check


Now, put everything nicely on a tray, sneak into the bedroom with a pink ballon with a note.

Or you can hide the balloon under the bed and surprise him or her when they haven’t even opened their eyes.


Ta-da! And you have totally melted.


“Good Morning Love,

you are just like pancakes, 

you make everything better”

So make sure you pancake someone today.

Happy Valentine’s Day!