This is simply “the spot” to go to in LA! Every time I am there!

Louis Vuitton’s Los Angeles City Guide quotes it:

“Milk is the epitome of “good things,” featuring every dessert you craved when you were seven years old and didn’t know the meaning of calories”

In that sense, I have totally turned into a little girl once arriving this magical spot!

milk 1

Waiting in the ever-so long line-up to get in and enjoying the California sunshine!

milk 4

milk 3

milk 2

milk 16

milk 13

milk 5

Ice Cream Parlor

I totally have an ordering problem, I just went crazy ordering everything!

My favourites at the Ice Cream Parlor:

1) Thai Ice Tea Ice Cream Sandwich

(By the way the Four Seasons Bangkok has a similar version Thai Ice Tea Ice Cream,

always my favourite too, easier than to fly to LA if you are in Hong Kong right?

That was always what lifts me on all the trips in Bangkok shooting commercials)

2) Red Velvet Ice Cream Sandwich

Feeling a little bit sad that I didn’t try

the Warm Ooey Gooey Chocolate Sundae – with the famous oozy gooey cookies warmed with coconut ice cream and chocolate sauce

and the Strawberry Shortcake Shake – vanilla ice cream, malted milk, strawberry sorbet and buttery crunch cookie crumbles

I heard is really good!!

milk 6

milk 7

milk 8

The Bake Shop

At the Bake Shop, things just went out of control!

The Red Velvet cupcakes – three layers of red velvet cake covered with white chocolate cream cheese frosting and red velvet crumbs,

the Blue Velvet cake – a Southern classic with white chocolate cream cheese frosting, 3 layers of blueberry chiffon cake and fresh blueberries

Milk 17

milk 10

Milk 18

FYI, this is for 2 person, well technically 1.5 person – exercise, exercise, exercise!

milk 15

milk 12

This little girl needs her ice cream, then she is happy!

milk 14

Till the next time California sunshine!



MILK, 7290 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles

Tel: 323.939.MILK