We are all very excited about the new Ralph Lauren Flagship store in Hong Kong,

Like all Ralph Lauren global flagships in New York, Paris, Milan, London…

The Maison is unquestionably magnificent, elegant and extraordinary.

Each flagship store has it’s own distinctive touch inspired by the culture, history and architecture of the place and

as a touch of tradition meets modernization.

It also created a refined & unique Ralph Lauren lifestyle for us:-

Hong Kong has a bar,

New York has Ralph’s Coffee,

London has it’s English gentlemen’s club,

Paris has the Ralph’s Restaurant in the heart of the store,

beautifully situated at the terrace.

Ralph 6

Sitting down at this table with lived-in comfort. How I love the serving plates and the warm arrangements of the cushions.

I want to bring them all home.

Ralph 3

Ralph 4

An old couple was sitting at this table opposite from us, they were so sweet & intimate, wine, laughs & small talks, especially in this setting

Ralph 2

Ralph 5

Ralph 10

Admire how the restaurant manager and waiters dress, especially with the manager carrying the Polo look – the boots!!

Ralph 11

Zipping on Welcome summery garden drinks

Ralph 12

Ralph’s serves unique authentic American cuisine – this fresh lobster summer salad! Yum Yum! Bon Appetit!

Ralph 14

Then comes the fish – very juicy and tasty – though is a flat fish steak. Getting dark!!

Ralph 15

Then getting darker, comes the steak which is very American Rodeo taste for some reason, but is good! I wanted to try the burger also!!

Ralph 16

Ralph 18

Desserts Desserts Desserts!! All American – New York Cheesecake, Brownie, Chocolate Cake, and complimentary caramel popcorn which was soooooo good!

Finally, the Ralph Coffee I have been wanting to try for so long!

Ralph 13

Enjoying the ambience here quietly – that’s all I need.

Ralph 7

Ralph 9

Ralph 8

A sneak peek of the inside of the restaurant which has a rather sophisticated rustic charm, and it also has a bar.

Ralph 19

C’est très bon! délicieux!

Au Revoir, till the next time,

If only I can have an experience to tour all the Ralph Lauren Flagships in the world!



173 Boulevard Saint Germain, Paris

Tel: 33 1 44 77 76 00