Coffee is a work of art,

a creation of life,

you start the day with it,

you break the day with it,

you end the day with it,

And we all can’t live without it.

Spend the summer with the uniquely pleasurable coffee creation –  Coffsicles!!

coffeepopsie 1

“The Art of Nespresso”

Step 1 – Pour 2 creams into each popsicle mold, let it freeze until solid

Step 2 – Make 6 big cups of Nespresso using your favourite capsule, add milk & sugar as you like, then let it cool in the refrigerator.

(My favourite would be the Kazaar capsule with exceptional intensity, rich in roasted notes, with powerful bitterness but a creamy texture)

Step 3 – Pour the cooled Nespresso into the popsicle mold, let it freeze until solid


you have mastered the art of Coffsicles!


“The Art of Latte”


“The Art of Cappuccino”

coffeepopsie5“The Art of Coffee”


Morning grab and go,

mid-day snacking,

after dinner pleasures,

be your own Picasso

to your enjoyment.