The best weekend spending place  – Singapore’s oldest and trendiest neighbourhood  – Tiong Bahru.

“Everything old becomes new again” – quoted from CNN Travel

Love a place with a history.

Built in 1930s, Tiong Bahru Estate is one the oldest housing estates in Singapore.

What’s there now?

Plain Vanilla Bakery

Love this bakery, is like the famous Hummingbird bakery, Primrose bakery the ones you can only find in US or UK.

Sing 21

SIng 1

Sing 23

Sing 26

Sing 2

Sing 3

 1 D Yong Siak Street, Singapore


Everything I love is here.

Coffee or Tea?

Selection of the most crafted works – China, party-ware, cards and other unusual objects d’art.

Sing 4

Sing 5

Sing 6

7 Yiong Siak Street, Singapore


Love Literature,

Love Actually


Books Actually.

How I feel like a poet.

This is the place to enjoy literature in all sorts of imaginative ways.

Sing 7

I feel like I’m in notting hill.

Sing 10

Drop a dime and take a poetry.

Sing 11

Sing 12

Sing 8

Sing 9

Sing 13

Sing 14

9 Yong Siak Street, Singapore

Nana & Bird

How can I miss this cool little shop with a welcome like this?

Sing 18

Is actually a mini select shop style boutique with funky accessories, and

it also has a cool office inside where we found this rare letter-press machine

Sing 19

Sing 20

59 Eng Hoon Street, Singapore

Sing 17

Walking through this historical place with little houses and cute hilarious notes.

Sing 25

P.S Cafe Petit

The cafe vibe in this area is unbeatable!

Love this one with a Gatsby feel.

SIng 16

No. 41 / 43 BLK 78 Guan Chuan St

And this one, also around the area –

SIng 15

This was were it all began.

Everything old becomes new again.

Same for love.

Till the next time,