The famous “Jiro Dreams of Sushi”


Considered by many as the world’s greatest sushi chef.

A 10 -seat sushi only restaurant in a tokyo subway station.

The first of its kind to be rated 3-star michelin.

Japan has declared him a national treasure.

Japan hosted Obama at Sukiyabashi Jiro

Bookings made months in advance,

no one ever picks up the telephone,

and no one speaks English.


we visited the younger son,

the mirror image of Jiro,

at Jiro Roppongi,


sushi 13

sushi 11

sushi 14sushi 10

 People say that Jiro & his sons are always the first to pick from the fresh fish markets everyday.

 Honestly, the fish is really fresh,

but I don’t know if it is **** or if it is the sauce that makes it so full of “vinegar”.

Not quite the sushi taste that we are all used to.

Sushi 2


sushi 9

Cannot describe!

sushi 8

sushi 4

What a businessman ! Extremely PR !

sushi 5

For two.

sushi 6

sushi 20

Take an Uber guys! We did!