How I miss Song Saa, private island in the seas of Cambodia. I want to go back!!

Apart from the Villa, the Cuisine just amazes me.  A sweetheart, like the island’s own name, Song Saa’s room rate is all-inclusive of all F&B, meaning it is as enjoyable and as stress-free as it can get!

Food 1JPG

Their pizza is so good!!  Upon arrival we had the duck pizza, and I almost want to take the pizza box home, is handmade from local raw materials.

food 4 2

Can you believe they have sushi and sashimi…and they even have mochi and Chinese food – sweet & sour pork! We also had the “catch of the day – sea bass,” which is sourced from local suppliers, basically from the fisherman’s opposite from the Song Saa Island. The cocktails are so refreshing, and in a unique way,  they always use a “bamboo” straw.

food 7

The natural gifts of the island, in a so innovative way.

Food 5

More innovative in the way they bring food!

food 2

What can you ask for in life but to sit quietly and watch the sunset.

me 1

food 3

I am a coffee person, and this coffee on this island is so comforting. The way they present it is part of the comfort.


I want to share with you

my sunset


my happiness.