"Dessert is like love."

You glow in it, you feel pink, you feel sweet and you melt.





We all need a daily dose of love.


We are all busy, but being busy does not mean we don't live, it doesn't mean we don't deserve a good moment, an exquisite dessert in style.


This is the passion of Living, the Art of Living.


My 1 minute Desserts, a quick fix to make your day. Savour the moment!




Berry Skewers





Cupcake Flags/ Toothpicks / Skewers From Bookazine, Shope 309, Prince's Building, 10 Chater Road, Central, HK

Cupcake cups From Bookazine, Shop 309, Prince's Building, 10 Chater Road, Central, HK


Simply wash the berries and thread the berries onto the skewers, then serve in a pretty cupcake cup. Healthy, elegant and appealing, perfect for parties too!


Very Berry Coconut Yogurt Cocktail





Meiji Low Fat Yoghurt with NataDeCoco From Wellcome or Park n Shop

Toasted Oats Apple & Cinnamon Crunch From Park n Shop 

Pearl Skewer, Dessert Cup and Napkin From Franc Franc


I always love this Thai Coconut Yogurt in Bangkok, and I finally found something that tastes exactly the same! It is not too sweet, fresh and it goes well with any fruits, the best yogurt ever!

Simply pour the yogurt on to a fancy dessert cup, sprinkle toasted oast and toss in some berries. Thread the berries on to a pearl skewer and here is your dessert in a cocktail style!


Fresh Grapefruit Soda



2-3 Grapefruit

Sparkling water preferrably San Pelllegrino


Cherry Cocktail Citysuper

Tall Glass Franc Franc

Stripe Straw from Paper Eskimo, Bookazine, Shop 309, Prince's Building, 10 Chater Road, Central, HK


I am always looking for something fresh, and summery, this is the perfect drink!  Simply cut the grapefruits in halves and twist it on the juicer.  Pour lots and lots of ice into the tall glass, pour in the fresh juice half way full, then fill it up with sparkling water. Style it up by threading a cocktail cherry on the yellow stripe straw.


Confetti Ice Cream Sandwich



2 Subway cookies

Premium vanilla ice cream

Confetti sprinkles


A little day-end celebration, easy to make and happy to have! Take the ice cream out of the freezer and let it sit for a minute so it can be easily scooped. Simply put one big scoop on top of the cookie and press down with the other. Sprinkle the confetti sprinkles on another plate and roll your ice cream sandwich on the plate. Sprinkle the remaining confetti sprinkles on the top of the ice cream sandwich and on the sides of the plate. 




See how irresistable? Naughty Yogi sneaks a bite…….awwwwwww





"I hope it melts you as much as it melts me."


Enjoy with love.