Is getting warmer in Hong Kong, let's get moving for Summer!!


第一曲 - Orbis 

A) 重點推介 Hot Aroni-Esthe Gel


photo 433


Every morning and night after shower I would put this gel on, rub it on my tummy, waist, thigh area, and pinch on the excess fat, after 1 minute the gel gets HOT and helps you burn fat. It works on me and I love it!!


B) Meal Replacement:

photo 5


Breakfast I might have yogurt + toasted oaks + coffee, which is max 200 kcal?  Lunch time I might just make myself an Orbis berry shake.  Around 142kcal (including 100ml of milk to make the shake)!!




My snack between lunch and dinner is this caramel granola bar. This tastes like sweet popcorn!!! Only 87kcal!!




This yummy Cod Roe Cream pasta for dinner. Can you believe I can still have carbs??  And I love the Chinese take-away packing! Only 213 kcal!!


"Only 775kcal per day!! That's the easy way!!"


Orbis – 銅鑼灣東角Laforet 1/F Shop 102


第二曲 - Gym time!




Usually after 30 min of cardio, this is what I do – This is the "終極 plank position" to work on your core and to have a wavy body shape!  Hold the plank position for 1 minute while maintaining a perfect form. I also do it on both sides too. Do this everyday and you will be in perfect shape! It really works!!!




Of course there is also a routine of other exercises like the Bosu ball, etc. 


"Sometimes there's not a better way.  Sometimes there's only the hard way.


Pure Fitness – 15/F Lee Theatre Plaza, Causeway Bay


3) Grapefruit Diet



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I tried this once last year and this had an ultimate slimming effect for me!! But is hard, because I am very strict on the diet with no caffeine at all!  This is my last step after one and two if I really have to……


Here it is:

12 day diet, 3 meals a day –

Breakfast: 1/2 Grapefruit, 2 eggs (made in any way), 2 bacon

Lunch: 1/2 Grapefruit, Salad (any dressing), Meat (made in any way)

Dinner: 1/2 Grapefruit, Salad (any dressing), Meat (made in any way, best be fish)




Restrictions: NO Caffeine (No Coffee or Tea), only water is allowed, & NO Carbs & NO Sweets


  • If you are super hungry, you can  in between meals have a glass of skimmed milk
  • Lunch & Dinner: You can have as big of a portion of salad & meat until you are full
  • Salad: No white onion, celery, potato, yam & white veggie

"The truth is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it. Get Busy Girls!"


*I am not held responsible for the results and risks of the above. Is totally up to you to try it out or not.