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Chotto Matte

Mmmmmm, yes food! Just a quick note… If you’re into Nikkei cuisine (Japanese and Peruvian), Chotto Matte in London Soho is the sort of restaurant and bar you must visit,  opened by Kurt Zadesar in September 2013, the man who brought Nobu to London.  The kitchen is managed by executive chef Jordan Sclare (formerly at Kyoto and Nobu) and head chef Michael Paul, it is the cuisine you’ll enjoy and the mixed-fusion flavour will erupt your taste palette.  Serving a mix of sushi, ceviche, tempura, yakitori, zingy-chilli sauce, purple potatos, and many more.  With live music, the atmosphere, the service and great food leaves you w...
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The conservatories at Kew Gardens

I love visiting Kew Gardens every spring season particularly the conservatories and glasshouses.  Kew Gardens is one of the most spectacular English gardens, and is a World Heritage Site spanning 300 acres with 30,000 species of plants.  As the weather is getting warmer towards summer, it is perfect timing to pay a visit the garden and the conservatories, and glasshouses.  The stunning Victorian structures houses many tropical living plant collections from cacti, orchids, palm trees and many others, the climate-controlled conservatories feels like you’re in the a tropical jungle without the hassle being bitten by mosquitos an...
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My name is Kit Lee

Hello there!  My name is Kit Lee (李潔儀) from London and I’m the latest Star Blogger at ELLE HK, so happy to be part of the online community with my good friends Veronika Li, Elizabeth Lau, and Ophelia Wu.  It’s going to be fun!  First of all, here’s a little biography and questionnaires about myself. Who are you? My parents are originally from Hong Kong and China of Hakka descent, I was born in Belfast in Northern Ireland and was raised in London, I have 3 sisters and a brother they’re pretty much scattered all over the cities in London, Perth and Seoul and myself in London and elsewhere. Formerly a stylist’s assistant ...
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