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The conservatories at Kew Gardens

I love visiting Kew Gardens every spring season particularly the conservatories and glasshouses.  Kew Gardens is one of the most spectacular English gardens, and is a World Heritage Site spanning 300 acres with 30,000 species of plants.  As the weather is getting warmer towards summer, it is perfect timing to pay a visit the garden and the conservatories, and glasshouses.  The stunning Victorian structures houses many tropical living plant collections from cacti, orchids, palm trees and many others, the climate-controlled conservatories feels like you’re in the a tropical jungle without the hassle being bitten by mosquitos an...
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Happy Valentine’s Day

  Happy Valentine’s Day! 情人節快樂 !
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Clifton Nurseries

London is known for its beautiful and well curated urban jungle appreciated by Londoners and visitors alike, from traditional English gardens in Kew Gardens, a vast-scaled national park in Richmond Park with deers lurking in the meadows minding their own business, a secret garden in Pergola and Hill Garden in Hampstead (a blog post coming up soon), city park in Hyde Park to an urban conservatory in the Barbican. My all time favourite public garden is slightly enclosed, a true London gem away from the hustle and bustle, and it’s also a shopping paradise for gardening enthusiasts, local residents and local businesses, Clifton Nurs...
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Rolls Royce Factory Tour

I fell in love with luxury cars since I first discovered this cool motoring tv show Top Gear 7 years ago.  The insights to the motor industry fascinates me, from design, interior and exterior, textiles and materials, production to a finished product.  Like fashion design, it’s the form and innovative design appeals to car collectors and car enthusiasts, it also define every aspect of a luxury lifestyle. I remember I first worked with Rolls Royce on an editorial shoot with Quintessentially magazine, I was a freelance stylist’s assistant, Rolls Royce’s latest car model Phantom was being featured, alongside with a couple of mod...
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