I fell in love with luxury cars since I first discovered this cool motoring tv show Top Gear 7 years ago.  The insights to the motor industry fascinates me, from design, interior and exterior, textiles and materials, production to a finished product.  Like fashion design, it’s the form and innovative design appeals to car collectors and car enthusiasts, it also define every aspect of a luxury lifestyle.


I remember I first worked with Rolls Royce on an editorial shoot with Quintessentially magazine, I was a freelance stylist’s assistant, Rolls Royce’s latest car model Phantom was being featured, alongside with a couple of models dressed in latex and killer heels.  Sadly, I never had the opportunity to experience being a passenger.

How would you describe or define Rolls Royce?  Although Rolls Royce is own by BMW, I would describe Rolls Royce as – luxury, British heritage, craftsmanship and engineering genius.  Sadly it’s no longer British-owned, it is still a trademark for a British luxury automobile.

I was invited to visit Royce Rolls factory in Goodwood, Sussex, a couple hours car ride from London.  I couldn’t help but feeling delighted as I haven’t been to an automobile factory before, I’ve visited textiles and clothing factories in the UK, but this was different.  Rolls Royce also represents behind the structure of UK manufacturing sector in terms of local employment and to generate high value, and the recognise the importance on how and where products were made – ‘Made in Britain’ or ‘Made in England’.

Without further ado, here are the Instagram visuals from the factory visit.


Top left, top right, bottom left:  Rolls Royce assembly line.

Bottom right:  Bespoke colour match chart.  Did you know you can use your favourite Chanel lipstick colour for your Rolls Royce paintwork?


Top left:  1,340 fibre optic lights being sewn in to the Starlight headliner by hand.

Top right:  The true beauty of Rolls Royce craftsmanship, a sample piece for the bespoke Celestial Phantom features ingrained 446 diamonds and aviation-grade clock.

Bottom left:  The end of the assembly line, all prepped and finished, they’re ready to be shipped off to customers.

Bottom right:  Group shot with bloggers, La Petite Anglaise, The London Chatter, and Girl A La Mode.


Top left:  We couldn’t leave Rolls Royce HQ without test drive one of their cars – Wraith, Phantom and Ghost.  I picked the Wraith.

Top right:  No gear stick, no key required to start the ignition, they’re pretty much all buttons and digitised.

Bottom left:  Cruising down the country lane in Sussex.

Bottom right:  Sadly, I lasted 2 minutes behind the wheel, I haven’t driven a car for 4 years, better build up my confidence next time round.

Thanks for reading!

Kit Lee was a guest of Rolls Royce.