If you were in Hong Kong during July, it would have been hard to escape the panda mania resulting from the 1600 Pandas exhibition at PMQ.

1600 paper mache pandas – 1600 being the number of living pandas left in the world – were created by French artist Paulo Grangeon in collaboration with the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) to raise awareness for the conservation of endangered animals.

A sneak pic from behind the curtain before the pandas were revealed to the media…


How fitting that I’m wearing a black and white tunic by Marios at the 1600 Pandas opening ceremony…

liz and pandas

To celebrate the 1600 Pandas, the shops at PMQ were invited to design official merchandise for the exhibition. We at THE REFINERY decided to come up with some panda mugs. A quick pencil sketch was refined by my artworker and we did a few options…

PANDA PicMonkey Collage

– Hide and seek panda

– Naughty panda

– Lazy panda

Which one is your favourite?

panda mugs

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